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Edinizio Ribeiro Primo’s Black Tropicália

This work aims to analyze the available work of Edinízio Ribeiro Primo and his artistic career, so that he can be included his name in research on the history of art produced by black artists in Brazil, thus avoiding its erasure. For this, it will be necessary to investigate the exclusion of black artists in the writings on the history of art in the country, its causes, and consequences, in addition to presenting the artistic and biographical trajectory of Edinízio Ribeiro Primo, so that its relevance in the writings can be determined about (its) history. There are still many gaps and doubts that need to be better elaborated and whose attempt will be made from the accomplishment of this investigative work, which is an expansion of the course conclusion work presented in the Federal University of São Paulo, in the graduation in History of Art. This mapping of his work has, as its main function, greater visibility for his short career. From Tropicália and passing through racial issues, it will be imperative to understand that there are still many corrections involving his name and that they need to be corrected. The virtual searches will form the initial body of the research, as, from them, it is possible to understand which issues need to be reviewed, so that actions to rescue their work can be directed. There are, in this sense, some works being developed so that black artists are reintroduced in the official historiography, but they are still under construction. In this way, we can review these social perspectives about the work of black artists based on the case study of the artist from Bahia, as well as try to answer questions throughout the process, through the continuity of his legacy and which can finally be reviewed, based on of debates about decoloniality in institutional spaces.